Butter Making

Delve into the history of pioneer culture with our 1/2 hour butter making program. Before the main tour begins, the students will master the art of making butter by shaking the cream themselves!

They will view authentic butter churns of various sizes that we have pulled from our collection, and our instructor will guide them through the butter making process, from the churning to the washing to the packaging and general store trading. Once the butter has been washed and salted, the students will embark on their museum tour, during which time our museum staff will prepare homemade biscuits with the butter and jam. Once the tour is over, the students will have the opportunity to sample their homemade butter on the biscuits, as well as a taste of buttermilk and a glass of juice.

Learning the art of butter making with our 2014 summer students

The butter making option is an additional $1 per child.

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