General Store with Purchases

The General Store was the hub of activity in Wetaskiwin’s pioneer days. The very building that our Wetaskiwin Museum occupies was once Wetaskiwin’s General Store. It functioned as the town post office and telephone building. Everything from tools to food could be bought or bartered for.

Students will get the ultimate General Store experience. While learning about the important role of the General Store in community of Wetaskiwin, the students will get to barter, trade, and make purchases of their own. They will also have personalized mail waiting for them in an original Montgomery’s bag, which will include our museum brochure and a biscuit recipe. The mail will be collected and given to the teacher to be distributed to the students at a later time.

Younger grades will carry out this station in the General Store of our Children’s Legacy Center.

General Store in the Children's Legacy Center

Older grades will carry out this station upstairs at our General Store exhibit.

General Store Exhibit

General Store with purchases is an additional $2 per child.

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