Grade 1

Discover Wetaskiwin’s history and local culture through interactive experiences in our Children’s Legacy Center and First Nation’s Tipi! Our Grade 1 tours consist of 5 stations that are 15 minutes long. The students must be split into 5 groups, and the groups will rotate through each station.

Grade 1 students are eager to play, but we know they’re just as eager to learn, so we make it a priority to equally provide instruction and play-time.

The Schoolroom - Our schoolroom is modeled after a traditional one-room school, complete with chalk slates, a wood-burning stove, and the Union Jack. The children will participate in a lesson, taught by the station leader, finding out just how different school was in the pioneer days. Naughty kids better watch out, or they’ll find themselves with the dunce cap on their heads!

School Room in CLC

The Parlour Rooms - The parlour rooms include a small pioneer living room and bedroom. Here the children will discover what has changed around the home and play with historical wooden toys and dress up in pioneer clothing.

The Farmyard – This encompasses our farmyard, kitchen, and laundry areas. Children will learn about the various chores that pioneer children had to do outside and in the home. They will have the opportunity to collect eggs, pump water, “cook” dinner, and do laundry.

Kitchen in CLC

Swedish Log House - The Swedish Log station is offered to those classes that have opted to forgo the General Store with Purchases option. Taking place in our 2nd floor Swedish exhibit, this station introduces the children to immigration and homesteading and provides them with the opportunity to work in teams build their own log houses out of Lincoln Logs.

The Tipi - In our Origins exhibit, the children will learn about Plains Cree life and traditions. They will enter the tipi and sit in a circle around the fire ring on a real buffalo hide to discuss Cree culture. The station leader will read to the children from a Cree storybook and then play a recording of the story being told in the Cree language.

Origins Exhibit Tipi for Children's Storytime

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