Grade 3

Grade 3 is a time for exploration and discovery! The Heritage Museum offers tours that encourage critical thinking and engagement with history, culture, and science. These interactive stations will reinforce what students have been learning in school and allow them to explore new and exciting activities.

The Grade 3 tours consist of 4 stations that are 20 minutes long. The students must be divided up into 4 groups, and the groups will rotate through the stations.

Stone Tools - Taking place in our Origins Exhibit, this station will familiarize students with the identification and functions of various stone tools that have been found in the Wetaskiwin area. Tools that the students will get to handle include scrapers, mauls, projectile points and hammerstones, just to name a few! Students will also be introduced to obsidian, trading, and pemmican.

Stone Tool Display in Origins Exhibit

Archaeological Dig - Once the students have become experts in stone tool identification, they will become amateur archaeologists. At this station, students will gather around the archaeology table, where they will be introduced into the exciting world of archaeology. They will learn basic terms, tool usage, and mapping as they dig through the sand. In their dig sites, the students will uncover a campsite full of stone tools waiting to be identified!

Century Home - The Century Home exhibit is comprised of a kitchen, bedroom, nursery, and living room. Here the students will travel through the progression of history, from simpler times to times of luxury and comfort. With a focus on then and now, the students will have the opportunity to handle artefacts and compare them to today’s technology, gaining an understanding of continuous change and advancement.

Fur Trade Post - In the event that you choose to forgo the General Store with Purchases option, your students will experience life as fur traders. They will uncover the history of the fur trade in Canada and in Wetaskiwin at our replica of the Bear Hills Trading Post. Their resulting knowledge of the fur trade will encompass types and prices of furs, trading posts, the Hudson Bay Company, voyageurs, and more. To cement their understanding of these operations, the students will role play, dressing up as either voyageurs, Cree traders, or Chief Factor of the post. They will then learn to barter, exchanging furs for European goods.

Bear Hills Trading Post in Origins Exhibit

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