Grade 5

Explore Canadian history with your Grade 5 class! Take a walk through the major historical events that shaped today’s world. Understanding history is a huge part of creating the future, and it is important to guide our students through these events.

The Heritage Museum offers 4 stations for Grade 5 that are 20 minutes each. The class will be split up into four groups, which will rotate through the stations. You may choose to replace any of the stations with the General Store with Purchases option.

Fur Trade - Critically examine the life of the fur traders by taking a closer look at Metis stories and culture, the British influence in Canada, and the various languages spoken in the fur trade business. Discover the important roles of voyageurs, Cree traders, and the Hudson Bay Company in the development of the West. Students will experience the fur trade first-hand through an interactive fur trade game and a short period of role playing.

Bear Hills Trading Post

The Great Depression - Also known as the Dirty 30s, the Great Depression was the greatest economic downfall of the 20th century. Students will discover the effect the Depression had on Canada and, more locally, the community of Wetaskiwin. Subjects discussed will include weather and farming conditions, rationing, sports and entertainment, and the effect that economic booms and crashes can have on individual lives.

The War Years Remembered - Students will be learning about World Wars I and II for years to come–and for good reason. These two immense conflicts changed the world forever, and it is important to understand what happened and why so that they can be prevented from ever happening again. In this station, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of the wars, including both the Canadian and Wetaskiwin contributions of men and women overseas and on the homefront. They will also view the various uniforms of army, navy, and air force soldiers.

Chinese Immigration - This station aims to broaden students’ knowledge of immigration beyond that of the European settlers. In our Chinese exhibit, students will reflect upon the history of Chinese immigration and the role of Chinese immigrants in the completion of the Canadian Railway, which was integral to the development of Canada. The students will then discuss the typical occupations held by Chinese immigrants following railway completion and the reasons for which they tended to hold these jobs.

Chinese Laundry Exhibit

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