Lower Level

Mellet & Co., Sheet Metal Works

Come and admire the contribution of the veteran tinsmith Mellet family. Over a span of 50 years, three generations of the Mellett family served Wetaskiwin and area with high-quality sheet metal products.  The sheet metal trade was crucial to the development and growth of Wetaskiwin’s population and industry. Peruse this exhibit to discover things you never knew about the sheet metal business and the Mellet family’s impact on the evolution of Wetaskiwin.


Blacksmith Shop

Immerse yourself in the daily working lives of blacksmiths in early Wetaskiwin. A blacksmith uses and shapes iron and steel to make a wide array of products needed by the community. At the turn of the century, the growing Wetaskiwin centre had great need for blacksmiths who could repair and make anything metal. Explore the variety of tools and equipment used to supply early Wetaskiwin with sought after supplies and services.


Railway Exhibit

Have you ever considered just how pivotal the railway has been in the area’s history?  The arrival of the railway in Wetaskiwin triggered a huge spike in population growth. Check out our Railway Exhibit to discover the railway’s vital role in the settlement of Western Canada.


Coming Soon to the Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Museum:

  • Wetaskiwin Garages Exhibit

  • Rural Schools Exhibit

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