Grade 4

Delve deeper into the earth with your students at the Heritage Museum to discover things you never knew about Wetaskiwin history and culture! These tours offer a diverse range of station activities, including the study of both science and culture.

Grade 4 tours consist of 4 stations that are 20 minutes long. You may choose to replace any one of the stations with our General Store with Purchases option.

Geological Panels - This station gives the students a sense of how physical geology and climate are integral to the landscape and environment of Wetaskiwin and Alberta. Students will discover the major geographic regions, landforms, and natural vegetation regions that complete Alberta.

Archaeological Dig - Become archaeologists and uncover the importance of the archaeological field in today’s world. Work to unearth fossils and rock samples, identify the specimens, and complete the dig site map. At this station, we emphasize the importance of preserving Alberta’s heritage through artefacts and prove that archaeology encompasses so much more than Indiana Jones’ whip and hat!

Archaeology Dig Site

Paleontology Study - Here we discern the difference between archaeology and paleontology. The students have the chance to observe dinosaur fossils and discuss the various species and ages during which they lived. How did they live? What can we tell about the dinosaur just by looking at the fossils? How do the dinosaur fossils found in Alberta contribute to our scientific knowledge of the land? These are questions that the group will discuss and attempt to answer together!

Dinosaur Exhibit

Cultural Stories: Hutterites and Swedish Immigration - This station will contribute to the students’ understanding of different communities, traditions, and customs. They will discover who the Hutterites are and how they live. They will reach an understanding of why Europeans immigrated to Western Canada and how they lived. Together, the students will have a chance to card real wool, a chore still done by Hutterites today. They will learn what the wool is used for, why it is carded, and how it is spun once it has been carded.

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